Visual Identity for Record Store Day 2024

I had the privilege of shaping the visual identity again for Record Store Day (the Netherlands). Infusing the logo with the name within a heart symbol, I aimed to embody the profound love for music on vinyl. From vibrant t-shirts to eye-catching beer labels and posters to social posts, each design element reflected the essence of this awesome event. It was an honor to contribute to such a beloved event.

Record Store Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide, including in the Netherlands. It's a day dedicated to supporting independent record stores and celebrating the culture of vinyl records. In the Netherlands, Record Store Day typically sees participating stores offering special (national & global) releases, exclusive vinyl records, live performances, and various events to engage music enthusiasts.

All designs created by Bijdevleet © 2024.

Record Store Photography by Awarnach & Emma Pot © 2022.

Beers brewed by Rock City Brewing, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

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